Who We Are

Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University by ten of the first nineteen women admitted to the newly opened university. The Original Ten, the founders of Alpha Phi, were women of courageous vision and pioneering hearts. Pursuing their studies in a largely male-dominated university, these women yearned for a circle of friends who could sympathize with each others’ troubles and support each others' ambitions. On September 18, 1872, these ten women initiated themselves into Alpha Phi.
Alpha Phi has grown to include over 150 collegiate chapters and more than 200,000 members, making it one of the oldest and largest women’s fraternities in North America.
Our Values
Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Loyalty, Character Development.
Mission Statement
Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of women supporting one another in lifelong achievement.
Public Motto: “Union Hand in Hand”
Colours: Silver and Bordeaux
Forget-Me-Not, Lily of the Valley
Ivy leaf
Ursa Major, the Great Bear